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Our Immigration Practice encompasses a broad range of immigration services, from family-based Immigration to Deportation Defense. We assist immigration clients all over the country (and the world). Call today to schedule an initial consultation!

Areas of Practice

Adjustment of Status
Immigrant Visas
Family Based

Deportation/Removal Defense

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense practice includes the defense of all crimes, both felonies and misdemeanors. We have assisted criminal defense clients in Municipal Courts, Justice Courts and Superior Courts throughout the State of Arizona. Our practice also includes Criminal Appeals. If you are charged with a crime, or if you require criminal appeal assistance, contact us immediately for your free initial consultation.

Areas of Practice

Assault/Domestic Violence
Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses
Sex Crimes


Crimmigration refers to legal cases where immigration law and criminal defense aspects are both present These are criminal cases where the client is a non-citizen and/or immigration cases where the non-citizen was charged with or convicted of a crime. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation.

Ballecer & Segal

We strive to provide the highest quality legal representation in the areas of Immigration Law and Criminal Defense. We have successfully represented thousands of clients, and we will always aggressively represent your interests whether it is before a Judge and Jury, or the Immigration Service. Do not compromise on a matter as important as your freedom.

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